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Azalea Suites by Jayakarta Group

Azalea Suites by Jayakarta Group is the ONLY serviced apartment in Cikarang which offers you the feeling of Peacefulness as you surround yourself among calming Rice Field landscapes contrasting with the nearby smogs of Cikarang’s industrial zones. You will join indulge in a moment of bliss with all the facilities such as the Gym & Onsen-style spa. You’ll benefit from living in a Serviced Apartment where the hospitality service is Personalized for YOU and makes you feel Stress-Free, thanks to our highly-dedicated, Japanese-trained team.

Discover the most calm and peaceful apartment in Cikarang

You'll join other serviced apartment residents who feel Relaxed and Stress-Free from seeing the authentic rice fields which encircle the Azalea Suites campus within the industrial parks of Cikarang. 

Calm And Peaceful Facilities

Revealed! What Japanese Expats say about living here

"Calm & Quiet atmosphere, great for Peaceful living in Cikarang"
"Comfortable place for me to stay while working"
"Personalized service and Fast complaint handling"
"Strategic location within Cikarang"
"Professional housekeeping service & cleanliness"
"Reasonably priced"
"Complete facilities with Japanese Onsen-style spa"

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Serving your Japanese expat family

You will be pleased with the Japanese-language Front Office that you get at Azalea Suites Serviced Apartment. You get attention and warm greetings. You will be part of other Japanese families who also feel they chose the exceptional Serviced Apartment.

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Your serviced apartment in the heart of the industrial city Cikarang

Do you like living close to work? Azalea Suites is your serviced apartment that is only 15 minutes from ALL industrial centers in Cikarang, such as DSI and EJIP.

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A Trusted Place

During The Covid-19 Pandemic

If you're looking for a Calm, Peaceful and Trusted Place apartment to live in Cikarang during the Covid-19 Pandemic, then Azalea Suites by Jayakarta Group is right for you. You won't find any other apartment in Cikarang that specializes in Relaxing rest, Calming facilities, and Stress-Free hospitality.  

Within 15 minutes access to your Japanese factory workplace.

AZALEA SUITES CIKARANG is located in the best area of the the biggest industrial district in West Java and the largest manufacturing center in South East Asia. WITHIN 5 KM AND 10KM: In the midst of all the pulsing industrial commotion, AZALEA SUITES CIKARANG falls right in the center of all major industrial estates.

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What Other Expats Say About Us