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Azalea Suites, Good Apartment to Live for Japanese Expat


Azalea Suites, Good Apartment to Live for Japanese Expat

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As an expat, you may feel it difficult to adjust toward locals, especially if you’re not familiar with the lifestyle and food. Therefore, finding a perfect place that can give you the familiarity and well-equipped facilities may be the best decision to do. Azalea Suites is an option of the perfect place that could provide you multiple facilities especially for Japanese expats. Here are the lists of facilities that can indulge you. 

Japanese Onsen

When you’re an expat, it might be better for you to choose anything that feels a bit closer to home. Azalea Suites offers you a Japanese Onsen Spa facility. Located indoors with modern-looking equipment, you will be able to get relaxed anytime you wish. Indonesian hot springs mostly crowded with locals, and Japanese Onsen Spa is a perfect getaway if you prefer a private and quiet place. You don’t even have to go outside the apartment complex to enjoy this facility!

Soothing Sauna Bath 

Packed with a well-furnished wooden interior, Azalea Suite’s sauna bath is definitely a good option for you to have a soothing sauna session with your loved ones. Sauna is well known for its benefits to ease the blood flow all over your body, soothing your muscles, leaving your body and mind to be relaxed after a long, busy day. This could be very beneficial especially if you’re an expat with a business matter or temporary trip since you can experience your own short getaway by enjoying the soothing sauna bath offered by Azalea Suites. 

Hana Mori Japanese Restaurant

Azalea Suites also offers you Hana Mori, a Japanese Restaurant with an authentic taste of Japanese cuisine. There’s no need to worry about the unfamiliar taste of Indonesian food! Hana Mori offers you wide varieties of Japanese dishes that can be chosen to suit your tongue, made by the executive chef Mr. Sasaki with 30 plus years of culinary experience. You can choose a salad, curry rice, beef, seafood, noodles, and other dishes to satisfy your craving toward Japanese food.   

Hana Mart

Aside from restaurant, onsen and sauna bath, Azalea Suites Cikarang also provides you Hana Mart, a Japanese minimart that primarily provides fresh and preserved foods as well as other equipment and daily needs. You don’t need to go all the way to the mall to get your groceries since Hana Mart is ready to serve you every day. This could be very advantageous especially if you’re an expat who doesn’t really familiar yet with the surrounding environment. 

Quiet Swimming Pool

Who wouldn’t love to enjoy a calming, quiet swimming pool located just next door from your resident? In Azalea Suites Cikarang, you can experience a quiet infinity swimming pool with the view of apartment building light, fitness center, and calming garden view. Swimming is a perfect sport that can burn the calories of your entire body, tone your muscles and build strength. Aside from that, you can have a relaxing swimming session here since it’s quiet and comfortable.  

Aside from its facilities, Azalea suites also offer you a full 24 hours security, front office, CCTV, spacious parking lot, and safe smart-card access. You can choose various types of fully furnished rooms according to your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Click here about Azalea Suites for further information!


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