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Reasons Why You Should Find a Comfortable Apartment to Stay


Reasons Why You Should Find a Comfortable Apartment to Stay

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Life feels better when your home gives you space to unwind after a long day of hard work. In this revolutionary era, it gets more and more difficult to find a home that suits your style and has the right location. That is why smart comfort apartments become the most sought after place to stay. Here’s the deal, not all apartments can give you that peaceful space you search for. 


What are the things that make an apartment a comfortable place to stay? Here are six reasons why you should stay in smart comfort apartments. 


A Home Away from Home

The apartment is superior in many ways, especially how easy it is to transform an apartment room into your own personal, tranquil space. Nowadays, smart comfort apartments are needed for people like business travelers who seek somewhere peaceful where they can just sit back and relax for the day. If you hate coming home to an empty apartment room, you may want to choose a serviced apartment.


Why a serviced apartment? You can enjoy a fully furnished apartment room that comes with various facilities and utilities like housekeeping, electricity, and WiFi--all catered and take care of for you. Rest your mind away from a stressful day in your own home away from home, where you can cook your own meals in the kitchen, watch your favorite shows in the living room, and put your nightcap on in your bedroom. 


The ultimate smart comfort apartment experience can be found in Azalea Suites, a highly rated serviced apartment right at Cikarang. See more about the crafted tranquil lifestyle inside Azalea Suites right here.


Stay Anytime You Want

It is hard to find the right accommodation for your limited stay in the city, especially when you need to travel from one spot to another in a matter of days. Smart comfort apartments can provide you an easy alternative way of living because it is designed as the perfect combination for short-term and long-term options. 


For expats, a short-term option is the best way to maximize their traveling experience. Smart comfort apartments provide services that will stay there anytime you need them and as long as you want them. You won’t have to worry about finding a place to stay for your busy one day trip, Azalea Suites will complete your stay in Jakarta or West Java area with its serene atmosphere and one-stop living condition. 


Click here to learn more about why you should choose Azalea Suites for your one day visit.


Peaceful and Modern Living

As you are finished with your work, the only thing your mind can think of is to unwind at home. What better ways to calm your nerves than submerging your body in an exclusive Japanese Onsen Spa. Picture yourself, relaxing in a pool of hot bath water after a long day in the city. All your stress just floats away as the soothing water soaks your body. Then, finish up with a cold water shower or bath that will energize you instantly.


Sounds too good to be true for an apartment? Not really, since Azalea Suites offer an exclusive Onsen Japanese Spa for serviced apartment residents. Complete your day full of an invigorating spa with soothing sauna bath only in Azalea Suites. These experiences are available anytime for you as a resident of Azalea Suites. Click here to find out more about the Japanese spa experience at Azalea Suites.


Hotel-like Service

Ever wonder how good life would be if you could stay everyday at a hotel? It is not impossible when you stay in one of smart comfort apartments that provide services and amenities as sophisticated as a five-star hotel. What’s great is those amenities are available everyday for you. Azalea Suites provides the most indulging amenities for you to enjoy.


It is easy to get food and groceries as you can access a Japanese restaurant and mini-mart in your apartment building. Kick back your feet at our sun deck and practice your swimming technique inside the quiet swimming pool. Now, you don’t have to step out of the building to exercise, just go to the fitness center or run on the jogging track located inside Azalea Suites. 


Azalea Suites gives a new way to live, with amenities accessible from your apartment room within minutes. Combining a one-stop peaceful living concept and hospitable service, Azalea Suites offers more than just a living space. Click here to learn more about the amenities available at Azalea Suites.


Great Accessibility

A home should be a place where you no longer experience the hustle and bustle of a city but is still accessible within the city. Living an urban lifestyle requires you to have a place to stay not far from the entertainment, business, and industrial area. Azalea Suites is located right at the heart of Cikarang, the center of the industrial district such as Jababeka and the MM2100 industrial area. 


In 10-20 minutes, you can access hospitals, schools, universities, a shopping mall, and a golf club. Perfect for expatriates, families, and businessmen who seek a modern way of living right in the city of Cikarang. Easy toll access to Jakarta and West Java allows you to travel from megacities to the others in less than a day. 


Azalea Suites also provides a shuttle bus with driver special for residents with specified destinations and schedules. Complete with fast and easy access to go anywhere, click here to know more about the smart comfort apartments Azalea Suites. 


Smart, Safe, and Secure

Safety is a priority in every aspect of our lives. Smart comfort apartments can ease your safety and security worries with various high-tech systems. Smart comfort apartments like Azalea Suites provide two floors of a spacious parking area to ensure the security of your cars. The apartment building is equipped with all-around 24/7 CCTV and safe smart card access.


All these benefits are available at Azalea Suites Cikarang, making it one of the leading smart comfort apartments for expatriates who seek a peaceful living area to call home. Strategically located at the heart of the industrial district in Cikarang, Azalea Suites is the place to give a sense of tranquility to balance your work and personal life. 


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