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7 Tips on Decorating your Azalea Suites Apartment

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Spending a lot of time in your apartment might feel boring, especially if your apartment interiors are colored plain. By decorating your apartment according to your preference, you can sense a feel-like-home in japan  feeling which can make you spend the day comfortably inside the small cubicle of your apartment. Here are some simple tips to decorate your apartment and make it looks brighter and wider.

Make use of Transition Rooms as Kitchen

The apartment room usually has a transition area to connect between rooms. You can make use of this space by putting a small kitchen set, and your kitchen can be functioned properly. Maximize one side of the walls to put the kitchen utensils so that it won’t feel stuffed and crumpled. 

Gallery Walls

Putting several photos, arts, or combination of both on one side of the wall can be a good way of decorating your apartment interior so that it can looks fun. You can also decorate your headboard in the bedroom to make your bedroom looks better.

Go Curvy

Apartment interior usually consists of squares everywhere which could be pretty boring. You better add some curves by using round tables, rugs with various motives, and chairs with curves. Instead of using similar color for the pillow and sofa, you can change the pillow cover with a colorful motive or pattern to make your room brighter. 

Use Long Curtains

Another trick to decorating your apartment is by using long curtains down to the floor, which can make your room appear larger since it creates height. You can put or hang the curtains on the edges or outside the window. Instead of using the regular apartment blinds which are boring, curtains can give you a warm and feel-like-home feeling. 

Moderate-sized Furniture

The decoration of your apartment interior actually depends on the scale of your furniture. Stop using furniture that appears too big for your room. You can choose the moderate-sized furniture that will not make your rooms feel stuffed, and your apartment rooms will appear wider. 

Lighten Up

Putting several lamps on the corner of your apartment can make your apartment interior feels widen and warm. You can also open up the windows every morning to make your rooms fulfilled with the warm sunlight. Light-colored carpet and rug are also a good option for you to make your apartment feels brighter and larger. You can combine three types of lighting which are ambiance, accent, and task lighting to brighten the mood and create the room’s ambiance. 

Green Plants 

Pots of green plants can be a good option to decorate your apartment interior since it can make your apartment feel lively. There are several types of plants that you can use, such as bamboo, cactus, or succulents that don’t need to get watered every day. You can also choose an iron plant and peperomia that could live in relatively dry temperature. 

Those are the tips on decorating your apartment interior. You can consider Azalea Suites Cikarang which would provide you apartment rooms that feel like hotel, supported by various facilities that would satisfy you!