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6 Etiquettes of Living in an Apartment like Azalea Suites



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Nowadays, living in an apartment is considered a privilege since it has a lot of facilities and perks compared to regular houses. However, there are some etiquette as apartment living tips that could make both you and your neighbors live comfortably. Here are some things that you need to know about apartment living etiquette.

#1 Keep it down

The first thing that you need to be aware of if you live in an apartment is to keep all the noise down. When you live in an apartment, it means you have to be considerate of your next doors neighbors. You might not realize it but blasting music on a full volume, having “loud” sex, laughing, and watching movies with speakers may annoy your neighbors. Therefore, the first apartment living tips that you need to do is by being considerate of doing all of your activities. 

#2 No Commercial Use

Maybe you’re staying in an apartment and you think you can do anything that you want, such as making your apartment as an office or other commercial use. However, in fact, you may not be allowed to do that. Using your apartment as an office means there would be a lot of people at once, which means it could bother your neighbors or even the whole apartment residents. Avoid using your apartment commercially as an apartment living tips and as the etiquette of living in an apartment. 

#3 Stay Clean

Everybody loves a clean environment in their resident, and you should do the same upon your stay in your apartment. Just think about it, you’ll probably hate it and felt annoyed to your neighbor if they kept littering everywhere. Therefore, you need to stay clean, don’t litter anywhere and put your trash into the trash bin as how it supposed to be. You also need to keep clean when you’re using the apartment facilities to keep your neighbors and other residents use the facilities comfortably. 

#4 Take Care of your Pets

Most apartments usually don’t allow the resident to bring any type of pets since it may bother other neighbors. You need to consult your apartment provider first if you’re interested in bringing your pets. If they do allow you to bring pets such as dogs, make sure your dog doesn’t bark all day and all night, and take your dog for a couple of good walks every day to keep them calm. These things also applied the same for other pets such as cats and you can bring them outside to the park to give them some fresh air. 

#5 Aware of Smelly Food

Another apartment living tips that you need to do is stay aware of smelly food. Don’t bring or cook any food that smells weird or unpleasant such as durian, petai, terasi, petis, and other things with a sharp smell that may annoy your neighbor. Aside from that, the sharp smells of food usually linger and stay around longer than expected, which of course could make your neighbors feel uncomfortable. 

#6 Do Not Dominate the Apartment Facilities

Stop dominating your apartment facilities is the next apartment living tips that you need to keep in mind all the time. The facilities provided by the apartment’s management are made for all the residents, which means you have to willing to share it with others. 

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