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5 Rules and Manners of Japanese Onsen Spa in Azalea Suites Cikarang


5 Rules and Manners of Japanese Onsen Spa in Azalea Suites Cikarang

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Since Japan is the world’s hot spring country, some activities related to that are commonly found across the country. One of them is Onsen, which is a type of Japanese sauna spa. Nowadays, there are more than 25 thousand hot spring Japan Onsen locations in the land of the rising sun. However, you need to keep your etiquette up before taking a hot spring Japan Onsen. Here are the rules and manners of the Japanese Onsen Spa.

  1. Completely Naked

The primary thing you should know about a hot spring Japan Onsen spa is that all people must be naked to do it. There are many reasons why Onsen-ers must put their clothes off. First, your garment may be considered as dirt. Second, you may perfectly get the positive health impact from Onsen by not wearing any fabrics. Nudity is the main requirement you have to obey. Indeed, you might be shy Onsen-ing with some people in the same area or pool. However, you don’t need to worry about that, because no one cares about your body and how you look like. We are not the only ones enforcing complete nudity while taking Onsen, see this person's experience with Onsen in Japan

  1. Clean your Body before Onsen-ing

First thing you have to before Onsen-ing is keeping your body clean. You may have a bath before entering the spring Japan Onsen pool. Since all people in the Onsen pool are completely naked, you must be aware of the cleanliness. You may scrub using soap to release all sweat and dirt from your body. If you do not clean your body, you might be prohibited from entering the Onsen pool. It is because you can contaminate the water with the dirt and sweat on your body. 

  1. Keep Silent

Since Onsen is an activity involving many people in the same place or pool, you need to pay more attention to the noise. One of the reasons why somebody takes a hot spring Japan Onsen spa is to relax. Thus, you should be quiet and silent while sharing a pool with some people. Onsen-ers may have a chit chat in the same pool as long as you are not noisy. Think about others’ comfort before you making noise too much. One thing you should always remember that a hot spring Japan Onsen is an area designed in calm vibes. For more information about the importance of keeping silent, visit this Japanese Beginner Onsen guide, made for people travelling to Japan. 

  1. No Swimming

This thing may not be listed on the written rules, but you must obey. Due to a comfortable situation, you must not make any activities disturbing all people in the same pool, such as swimming. Swimming is highly prohibited in a hot spring Japan Onsen pool, even if the area is swimmable. If you need to move to another side of the pool, you may walk very slow and calm, including in its bathroom area. The floors may be slippery caused by the Onsen ingredients. The primary purpose of taking an Onsen spa is not only about washing your body, but also to relax and rest. 

  1. Keep your Head Up 

The last thing you should pay attention to when taking an Onsen bathing is keeping your head up. It means that you are prohibited from making your head under the surface of the water. There are many reasons why you must not put your head under the water. One of them is to keep the water clean from any bacteria. By not putting your head under the water, means that you are not contaminating the pool with germs from your mouth, nose, and hair. Thus, keep your body clean before entering the Onsen pool.

Create your own Relaxing Onsen

Since a spring hot Japan Onsen gaining much attention due to its health benefits, you need to have an Onsen by yourself. Another option is living in a place that has a hot spring Japan Onsen spa facilities, such as in specific apartments. Azalea Suites is a precise place to get an Onsen Japanese Bath. Located in the Cikarang area, Azalea Suites is a serviced apartment that has an exclusive hot spring Japan Onsen spa. Click here for further information about Azalea Suites Cikarang.

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