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6 Tips on Choosing a Serviced Apartment in Cikarang


6 Tips on Choosing a Serviced Apartment in Cikarang

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Nowadays, serviced apartments’ popularity is skyrocketing since its convenience for the modern lifestyle, either for leisure or business trip. Here are some useful tips which will help you to choose the best-serviced apartments for your needs.

#1 Determine the Purpose of Your Stay

Before choosing serviced apartments, you have to consider the purpose of your stay. If you’re going to spend a few weeks for a short holiday or leisure, you better choose an apartment with a budget-friendly rent and located not too far from tourist spots and recreation. However, if you’re going for a long term business trip, you have to choose the one with complete facilities that can make you feel comfortable during your business trip. 

#2 Consider the Nearby Area

Either business or leisure trip, you have to consider the nearby area. Especially if your business trip requires you to go to a specific meeting place or office back and forth, you need to consider your transport during your trip. Is there any public transportation nearby, or is there any toll road nearby so that you can avoid the traffic during rush hour if you have your own vehicle. 

#3 Get as Many Details as Possible

Another thing that you should do before choosing serviced apartments is to get as many details as possible so that you can stay comfortably. You can do a little research beforehand to determine the safety of the location, will the roads nearby be equipped with traffic during rush hour, is the Wi-fi signal good enough, and the detailed facilities that you can get during your stay. You can also find out if there are discounts offered if you stay for a particular day, which can be beneficial for you later. 

#4 Services Offered

Both leisure and business trip usually requires you to stay in an unfamiliar country or places. Therefore, services offered by the serviced apartments should be in your consideration list. Especially if you’re having a business trip that makes you go back to the apartment at night, you may need to consider the services that ready to serve you 24 hours every day. You can also consider other services such as laundry and housekeeping. 

#5 Look Up the Customer Reviews

Customer satisfaction is the key to find out the real services, facilities and the room offered by the serviced apartments. You can look up in the review section of the traveling websites online, or just simply search it up. If the majority of the reviews are satisfied with the services, then your choice of the apartment may be reliable. Customer reviews also reflect the commitment and consistent level of services offered by the apartment provider. 

#6 Security and Safety

Prior to your stay, you have to consider the security offered by the serviced apartments. You can check whether the place is going to be secured by guards all the time for 24 hours or not. You can also consider the door type for each room, is it going to be secured automatic doors with cards or other types of doors. You can also consider whether the apartment has its own CCTV or not for advanced safety later on.

Azalea Suites Cikarang is one of the best serviced apartments available near Jakarta. With its complete facilities from mini mart, fitness center, swimming pool, Japanese Onsen Spa, sauna bath, shuttle car, and high-level security, you can enjoy an unforgettable experience!

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