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The Right Time to Visit Cikarang


The Right Time to Visit Cikarang

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Cikarang is currently West Java’s biggest industrial city, which explains why there are a lot of international companies factories built there. Therefore, what is the right time to visit Cikarang, how to get there, and what can you expect before visiting Cikarang? Here is some information about Cikarang and the apartment nearby that you should know!

Commuter Line Route

The commuter line is one of the best public transportation options that you can use to go from Jakarta to Cikarang with the estimated time travel around 90 minutes from Jakarta Kota Station. The route of the commuter line from Jakarta Kota Station to Cikarang would pass and stops through these stations: Jayakarta Station – Mangga Besar – Sawah Besar- Juanda – Gondangdia – Cikini – Manggarai. 

Manggarai is the transit stations that can be used to change your destinations. From Manggarai station, the route to Cikarang is Jatinegara – Klender – Buaran – Klender Baru – Cakung – Kranji – Bekasi. In Bekasi, there are three stations that you’re going to pass through before arrives to Cikarang which are Bekasi Timur – Tambun – Cibitung. 

Commuter Line’s Schedule

The commuter line will relatively runs all day with the interval of an hour starting from around 4.40 a.m. The commuter line will stop at every station that they have passed through, and you can choose the nearest station from your place to get to Cikarang. However, there would probably an additional interval 5 up to 15 minutes stop in order to empty the train route for long-distance trains that occasionally passed by every hour or so. 

Private Transportation 

If you’re not really a fan of public transportation, then you can also go to Cikarang using your own private vehicles. Don’t worry, the road is easily accessible since you can use Japek (Jakarta-Cikampek) toll road from Cawang. The estimated time to get there by your own car is probably around 90 minutes or so if the traffic is good. However, the traffic can be very annoying especially in a big city like Jakarta. Therefore, if you’re going to Cikarang from Jakarta or vice versa, you can avoid traveling during rush hour by going early so that you won’t be stuck in traffic. 

What’s in Cikarang?

There are a lot of multinational factories such as Jababeka industries located in the heart of Cikarang, which explains why there would be a lot of expats here and there. There are also other entertainments nearby such as the Jababeka golf course, water-boom Lippo Cikarang, and prestigious international schools such as Pelita Harapan School and President University. You can also find traditional entertainment destinations such as Kampoeng Djamoe and Saung Ranggon. 

Where to Stay?

You have already known what’s in Cikarang and how to get there, and finding a place to stay shouldn’t be a problem since there would be an apartment nearby that could provide you comfortable hospitality. Azalea Suites Cikarang is the best apartment nearby with complete facilities from a sauna, swimming pool, Japanese onsen, fitness center, and Japanese restaurants. Besides, there are tons of entertainment destinations nearby that could be reached out in less than 30 minutes traveling. 

So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to check Azalea Suites Cikarang website that would provide you all the information that you need!