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Step by Step Guide How to Choose Your Dream Apartment in Indonesia [in 2020]


How to Choose Your Dream Apartment in Indonesia

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Choosing the right apartment for yourself can be quite challenging, especially if you have a lot of things to consider first. You’re going to spend a lot of time in your apartment, and you have to make sure it’s the perfect and comfortable place for you. Here are some tips that you can apply prior to choosing your dream apartment!

#1 Set Your Priorities

The first thing to do before you’re going to look for a suitable apartment for your needs, you have to set your priorities. Some people maybe prefer a residence located near their workplace, some prefer an apartment that feels like hotel with all the facilities offered, and some others prefer the one with cheaper monthly rent. You need to set up your priorities first since it determines the next steps in choosing the best apartment for you. 

#2 Consider the Area

Location is one of the most important factors since it could affect your daily life. If you prefer the one that locates near your workplace, you may consider apartments located in the middle of downtown. However, you should also consider the traffic nearby during rush hour, especially if you’re going to choose the one that located in the downtown, and the approximate time for you to get to your workplace from your apartment. 

Meanwhile, if you prefer a quiet atmosphere, then the one that located a little bit out of town is probably the best choice for you. You can consider Azalea Suites Cikarang which enables you to relax with all of the facilities offered, far away from the hassle of Jakarta’s traffic yet easy access to Jakarta using the toll road. 

#3 Determine Affordability

After choosing the perfect location for your dream apartment, the next thing that you should do is to determine the price range of the potential apartment that you can afford. A specific location usually offers a similar range of prices. Aside from that, you can create a spreadsheet for your income and expenses which can help you to save more for your future apartment. Determining your own affordability enables you to choose your priority of amenities and facilities that you need later. 

#4 What Amenities that You Need?

Another important thing to consider is the amenities that you’re going to need. You can consider the laundry facilities, 24 hours security services, availability of CCTV, mart, gym, pool, or other additional facilities that are ideal for you to get relax after a long day such as Japanese Onsen Spa. If you’d like it, Azalea Suites Cikarang could be the perfect choice for you since it offers both regular outdoor swimming pool, Japanese Onsen Spa and soothing sauna bath that can be used to relieve stress. 

#5 Observe the Exterior

Another thing to consider in choosing your dream apartment is to observe the exterior such as the availability of a spacious garden and the location of the parking lot as well as how lit it is during the night. You better choose the one that has a spacious, well-lit and safe parking lot with security. One of the best options available is definitely Azalea Suites Cikarang, which offers two floors of a spacious parking lot, a well-lit parking lot as well as the area around, 24-hours security with CCTV and safe smart-card access for each room.   

#6 Take a Walk-Through

Upon choosing your dream apartment, you need to make sure everything works properly by taking a final walk-through to your soon-to-be room. You can check the lights, faucets, doors, windows, toilet flush, and electric outlets to make sure they all work alright. You can also check the privacy that is given by your room. If you can hear noises from your next-door neighbors, then they might be able to hear your activities or noises as well. 


Those are some steps that you need to consider before choosing your dream apartment. Make sure you have chosen the one that suits your needs. Azalea Suites Cikarang is definitely the perfect choice with valuable facilities, safety, and privacy. So, what are you waiting for? 


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