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Jayakarta Group’s Commitment for Providing a COVID-19 Free Environment and our Business Strategies amidst this Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic is changing how things are done everywhere. The health and safety of our team, guests and residents have long been our utmost priority, but we are safeguarding it with even more care in the midst of this uncertain period of time. Michael Pudjiadi, Regional Property Manager of PT Pudjiadi Prestige Tbk emphasized the importance of achieving Zero Covid cases in all properties. The Jayakarta Group launched FEEL SAFE program as our commitment to implement enhanced COVID-19 protocols, which adheres to World Health Organisation and local authorities, to ensure the safest environment possible at our premises.

FEEL SAFE program is formulated with rigorous health protocols, enhancing our already strict standards to protect our guests and staffs’ well-being. It is our mission to make everyone feels comfortable and safe. We analyze every possible contact point and develop new Standard Operating Procedures to ensure our guests and residents have complete confidence in staying within our premises. As a result of our dedication and commitment to comply with all COVID protocols, we are proud to announce that there is no Covid-19 case reported in our premises to date.


Enhancing Health and Safety Procedures

Ariyo Tejo, Director of PT Pudjiadi and Sons Tbk. mentions that Jayakarta Hotels form task forces in each hotel which consists Mentoring Team and Executing Team for Covid-19

Prevention, Management, and Education. Jayakarta Hotels shows its commitment even further by allowing rooms to be vacated 1 x 24 hours before new guests.

We are fully dedicated to help the Indonesian Government in lowering the Covid-19 cases to the minimum level by complying with Health Ministry’s recommendation. Furthermore, Ariyo Tejo added in his statement that he has no plan so far to turn Jayakarta hotels for Covid-19 patients’ isolation to guarantee maximum comfort for guests.

Management and staff of Jayakarta Group work together as a team to take all the appropriate measures to reduce the risk from Covid-19. We have carried Risk Assessment to identify possible risks and develop suitable prevention steps and monitoring procedures required, as below:

  1. Lobby and Reception Area

    • Temperature checking for every guest, visitor, and staff and sterilization box is


    • Providing handwashing station in every entrance and hand sanitizers in the


    • All staff must wear Covid-19 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

    • Maintain social distancing by reducing direct contact between staff and guests or


    • Educational signage about Covid-19 are provided in strategic location

    • Online check-in is encouraged to minimize physical contact

  2. Public Area

    • Enhanced cleaning frequency and daily disinfecting is carried on regular basis, using

      safe and approved chemicals

    • Sitting areas are re-configured to ensure social distancing

    • Marking inside the lifts to reduce crowds

    • Hand sanitizers are available in strategic places

    • Reduce opening hours of swimming pools, gym etc. to allow more cleaning after

      every use

      Meals are provided ala-carte to avoid contamination between guests. If the situation

      allows, buffet menu is being served directly by restaurant’s staffs.


  1. Hotel’s Rooms

    • Use of disinfectant and UVC to sterilize each room before use

    • In-room breakfasts are available to minimize crowd in restaurants. For those who

      prefers to dine in our restaurants, guests are allocated according to agreed meal

      time to avoid queue

    • Rooms are to be vacated 1x24 hours after being cleaned and disinfected before new


  2. Employees and Staffs

    • Daily temperature screening and health check up

    • Routine rapid tests for staffs who are in direct contact with guests and visitors

    • Implement work from home as much as possible

    • Social distancing is maintained all the time between employees and staffs


In addition to the above Covid-19 protocols, Toto Sasetyo Dwi Budi, Director of PT Pudjiadi Prestige Tbk mentioned that Azalea Suits take the steps further by building a partnership with nearby hospital to ensure quick medical response for residents. Situation may look a little different right now, but our commitment still remains the same. Creating a safe environment for our guests, residents and employees.


Business Strategies amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

While we continue to strive in fighting against Covid-19, Jayakarta Group has also aligned our marketing and financial strategy in respond to the changing situation. We are reaching existing and new customers by staying connected with them digitally. Revamping our website and developing digital marketing tools such as e-brochures, digital tour video, and email marketing are examples on how Jayakarta Group is adapting with this challenging time. Although the situation is difficult, we are also excited in how Jayakarta Group can seized the opportunity of transforming our regular marketing campaigns into digital marketing.

As the result of our continuous commitment, our hotels are starting to pick up their normal occupancy rate, especially in favorite destination such as Bandung and Anyer. Additionally, our strong brand loyalty has enforced guests and visitors with the confidence of staying in our premises.

As we prepare ourselves to act and respond against this challenge, we are still committed to take care of our employees. No employees are being laid off. There is no question that the

COVID-19 situation has or will result into a cost optimization exercise for many companies. Jayakarta Group has been known for its prudence characteristics in managing its financial condition. We implement company’s cost reduction, improve efficiency, and work even more tightly together to achieve a holistic view on how we should act as a group, not only as separate business unit.

We believe that the Covid-19 pandemic is a marathon game. There is no quick fix on how to handle it. Aimless, short term cost cutting initiatives will cause an irreparable damage in the long run. On the contrary, we need to remain vigilant and cautious to determine how we can fine tune the company.

Only the strongest team will survive through this uncertain time. We believe that Jayakarta Group as a team has been tested through time. It is within our strong teamwork, we have managed to surf through the difficult tides. And this time is no exception. Jayakarta Group will continue to strive its business and provide benefits for all our stakeholders (shareholders, customers, employees, and vendors).