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Afraid of Waking up your Neighbor? Do These 4 Quiet Workouts in your Azalea Suites Apartment


Afraid of Waking up your Neighbor? Do These 4 Quiet Workouts in your Azalea Suites Apartment

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Some people do not realize that they are sometimes being trapped in an unhealthy life. Go for work, stuck in the traffic jam, and spend more time in the office than in the house, are the main reasons that can bring some impacts to their health. The best way to keep life balance is by doing some exercises. You can do some kinds of workout in your apartment. Here are exercises you can do without worrying about disturbing your neighbors.

  1. Side Plank

The first workout you can do in your apartment is the side plank. This workout does not need any equipment to help you. Doing this workout means that you will not disturb your neighbors from the voice caused by your moves. Side plank is a simple workout to strengthen your body. Lay your body to the left side with straight legs. Make your body rests on the right elbow and arms. Then move the waist touching the body so that it will be in a straight form or line from ankles to shoulders. Hold in a sec and repeat it. 

  1. Push Up

Another exercise that you can do in your apartment is push up, the most straightforward workout you can do whenever and wherever you want. You do not need some equipment for this thing. However, it will be perfect if you do this exercise on the floor that has a hard surface. You can put some mattresses or fabric as the pad. It will prevent you from any injuries. 

As mentioned in the first sentence, push up is the simplest workout that everyone can do. You only need to push your body up and down. Do this exercise in the right way, If not, you probably experience injuries, especially in your hand. Doing this thing consistent will help you to have a strong arm.  

  1. Squat

The next exercise that you may do quietly is squat. This kind of workout will have an extraordinary impact on your core and lower body, as well as the flexibility of your hips and lower back. They are related to some largest muscles on your body, which also help the process of calories burning. Due to its functions, it is essential to keep it healthy and strong. 

The first thing you can do is standing in a straight way, make your feet more extensive than the body. Then, keep your chin and chest up by propping the core of your body. Push the hips back and bend the knees as though you are going to sit on the chair. Next, make sure your knees do not slouch outward or inward, keep it down until your thighs form a parallel line to the ground. Hold on a sec, then stretch your legs and back to the beginning position. You may do some repetitions to get a healthier body. 

  1. Sit Up

This kind of exercise will help you to get proper stomach muscle shape. Although it is a basic workout, you can feel the result as time goes by. However, this thing is not fitting for somebody who has an upper back concern. It is because sit up requires you to make a move using shoulders. You can start lying on the floor. Make your body rests on your upper back. Put your hands behind the head and bend your knees.

Ensure your feet always touch the floor, and start rolling your head up. Relax your neck, and move your body up and down. Do these things in repetitions. Stop yourself if you begin to feel uncomfortable pain. You can do this exercise in the morning before running the daily routines. 

Do your Exercises

All the exercises above are the simplest ones that you can do in your apartment. Those kinds of workouts can be done quietly so that you will not disturb your neighbors next to you. The most crucial thing you may pay more attention to is about the situation in your apartment, whether it is noisy or not. In Azalea Suites, you can do those exercises without worrying about several things. Azalea Suites by Jayakarta Group is designed as a comfy place to live. Not only do some exercises in your apartment unit, but you may also use many facilities provided, such as a fitness center, jogging track, and swimming pool.


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