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6 Surprising Benefits of Stairs Workout if You Live in an Apartment


6 Surprising Benefits of Stairs Workout if You Live in an Apartment

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Some people might think living in a cubicle apartment is unhealthy since you don’t have a backyard or front yard like usual houses. However, apartment residences can actually use all the facilities offered by the apartment provider such as gym, fitness and swimming pool to workout. Aside from that, nowadays stairs climbing is quite popular since its practical for those who live in an apartment. Here are some benefits of stairs workout if you live in an apartment. 

Vertical Movement

Stair climbing means you have to move in a vertical pattern and your body is moving against gravity, which is the opposite of running and walking. Therefore, your lower body will work harder since it has to lift your body against gravity. This will improve your balance and stabilize it. Moving vertically will also strengthen your joints. As in result, you will have a strong leg muscles, especially in your foot and ankles.

Include Multiple Muscles

Doing stairs climbing workout not only improves the core muscle strength, but it also engages every muscle in your lower body such as hamstrings, glutes, abs, quadriceps, and calves. By doing this workout regularly, all of your muscles will be getting stronger and you will also have a toned body. 

Flexible Time

People that workout by running or walking always depends on the weather since both running and walking cannot be done under harsh rain. However, if you’re doing stairs workout, the weather will not be an issue. In every apartment, stairs are located indoor, and you can do the workout anytime according to your preference. It’s also practical since you don’t need any equipment.

Faster Result

Did you know that doing stairs climbing workout will burn twice the fat compared to running? Similar to a high-intensity workout, you will burn approximately 1000 calories in just an hour! As for every step that you take, you will burn around 0.17 calories. Stair climbing workout will immediately raise your heart rate, and the cardio benefits that you feel will be maximized by doing this workout. 

Low Impact Cardio Workout

Running and walking will engage your feet to work harder with all the pressures. Meanwhile, stairs climbing workout involves multiple legs muscles, which means it will give your body a lesser impact compared to walking or running. You can get muscle-building as well as aerobic benefit by doing stairs climbing workout. 

Lower Mortality Risk

Based on the recent study of Harvard Healthy Alumni in 2019 which involves 8000 men aged 65 to 71, it shows that people who climb a higher number of floors will have a lower mortality risk, which means it will lower the death risk from all causes. However, if you want to start this exercise, you have to start out slowly by controlling your breathing and maintaining a good posture during the workout. 

Stairs workout is a practical exercise that can be done easily, especially if you live in an apartment. Azalea Suites Cikarang is one of the best apartments in a strategic location, providing you multiple facilities that can support your healthy lifestyle!