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6 Security and Safety Tips for Apartment Renters


6 Security and Safety Tips for Apartment Renters

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If you live in an apartment that provides 24 hours full guard and security as well as CCTV, consider yourself lucky! However, if your apartment doesn’t provide it, then you probably need to do extra efforts to improve your apartment safety. Follow these security and safety tips that can be beneficial for apartment renters!

Lock the Door

One of the most essentials things to improve your apartment safety is by locking your doors every time you’re going out, including the balcony door. Even if you don’t live on the first floor, you need to keep aware of your things. Don’t put bikes or other valuable things on your balcony when you’re not at your apartment and be sure to lock the balcony door. Upgrading your door locks is also necessary to make sure your apartment stays secure and safe. 

Cover your Window

This may sound quite creepy, but intruders are usually roaming around before deciding a target of burglar which is why you need to cover your window with blinds especially if your lights are on since anyone can see it from outside. Make sure you close the blinds shut whenever you leave the apartment and every time after dark to keep the apartment safe. 

Apply for Renter Insurance

Renter insurance is another important thing to improve your apartment safety. Usually, landlord insurance will only cover the building that you live in. Meanwhile, if you apply for renter’s insurance, it can cover all of your personal property to avoid unfortunate things happen in the future. It can also cover other stuff like electronics and clothing that could be damaged or lost upon disaster or burglary. Renter insurance is usually affordable which can fully improve your apartment safety. 

Get to Know your Neighbors

If you live in an apartment, it’s better for you to get to know your neighbors who live next door. By knowing your neighbors, you will know if there are any suspicious activities around your room or around the area that you live in. Neighbors will also warn you if there is anything fishy happened in the apartment. Striking up a small conversation is enough. Knowing your neighbors can also be beneficial if there are other emergency matters happened since they are the ones who can help you. 

Install Security System

For extra security, you can install a security system such as a wireless alarm system or window sensors that can be connected to your smartphone. There are other options for security systems that will not require you to riddle the walls with holes.  Some apartments also provide freestanding sirens mounted to the wall that would notify you if there are intruders or any other problems. 

Arrange a Safe Deposit Box

Another option that you can use to improve your apartment safety is by arranging a safe deposit box in your apartment. Put all of your cash, jewelry, firearms, important documents and other valuable things inside the deposit box and hide it in a secure place. You can also mount it to the wall or floor but make sure you have consulted it first to your landlord or apartment provider about it. 

Those are the tips that can be applied to improve your apartment safety. Azalea Suites Cikarang can be the perfect choice if you’re looking for an apartment with 24 hours guards, CCTV and other facilities that make you feel safe all day.