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6 Reasons Why Japanese-Indonesians are Choosing Serviced Apartments rather than Hotels


6 Reasons Why Japanese-Indonesians are Choosing Serviced Apartments rather than Hotels

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Most Japanese-Indonesians who go on a long-term stay in Indonesia for business, leisure, or a long holiday usually prefer a serviced apartment rather than a hotel, even though it seems like both offer similar facilities. Here are 6 reasons why Japanese-Indonesians are choosing serviced apartments. 

#1 Cost

Compared to a hotel that charges the cost of the stay by per person rate, a serviced apartment offers per room rate which could be relatively cheaper with similar facilities offered. Moreover, the hotel will charge you for additional facilities such as room services, concierge, and other extras, something that you can get as a package if you choose a serviced apartment.  Serviced apartment could be the perfect choice for you, especially if you need it for a medium or a long term stay.  

#2 Space

Serviced apartment usually offers a way more spacious room than a hotel. You can also choose it based on your needs, whether it’s going to consist of one, two or three bedrooms. Moreover, most serviced apartment also offers a fully-furnished room with a living room and functional kitchen so that you can prepare your own meal if you feel like it. This will provide you a feel-like-home feeling and enables you to rest comfortably

#3 Privacy

Living in an serviced apartment can give you some sense of privacy since you will have your own space to work, play and relax like in your own home. You don’t need to go out to the bar for a glass of wine since you have your own refrigerator in the room whilst still having access to enjoy hotel-like facilities such as fitness center, pool, restaurant, and green area if you’d like it. 

#4 Comfort 

So many people prefer serviced apartment since it gives them a sense of ‘home away’ rather than a hotel. Serviced apartment offers well-furnished room facilities, living room, and kitchenette that you can use comfortably. You can still enjoy the hotel-standard facilities as well as having your own feel-like-home room. More of that, the serviced apartment also offers Wi-Fi and is usually charged as an all-in package with the price. 

#5 Food

When you’re traveling abroad, food may be one of the most anticipated things to satisfy your tummy. However, hotel restaurants usually offer a limited choice of food or one-style of fare which can be quite boring if you don’t really enjoy fancy meals. Moreover, the serviced apartment offers a well-furnished kitchen that you can use to make your own simple dish, breakfast or coffee, something that most hotels don’t offer. 

#6 Housekeeping

Hotel rooms may offer to housekeep, but it has been scheduled and you have to follow the hotel rules. However, serviced apartment enables you to choose the preferable time of housekeeping based on your request so that it won’t bother your privacy. The serviced apartment also offers high-quality housekeeping like most hotels so you don’t need to worry about anything. 

Additional Facilities

Most hotels usually stick to their rules or standard that has similarity with other hotels. However, a serviced apartment offers additional facilities that can be suited to your needs. In serviced apartment, you can ask for a more specific request upon your arrival, such as stocked snacks in the kitchen, a secured parking spot, or even stationery for your upcoming meetings. This flexibility can surely make you comfortable during your stay. 

Those are the reasons why people prefer a serviced apartment rather than a hotel. With all the flexibility choices, serviced apartment surely can be a good choice for your long term stay. One of the best options available is Azalea Suites Cikarang, which will provide you comfort as well as facilities for your needs.