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6 Household Item Checklist that You Should Know Before Moving to an Apartment


6 Household Item Checklist that You Should Know Before Moving to an Apartment

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Moving into an apartment can be quite challenging, especially if you’re a first-timer that doesn’t really know what to bring or what to prepare. Here are some household items that you’re going to need, divided by room and functions that can help you to move in easier. 


Upon moving to an apartment, you will need a set of dishwares such as mugs, glasses, bowls, spoons, and other utensils. If your apartment provides a kitchen, then you only need to bring a saucepan or frying pan for a quick meal. Another essential kitchenware is knives, spatula, can opener, bottle opener, and kettle or coffee pot. Spices and pantry essentials such as coffee, salt, sugar, cooking oil, and garlic powder are also necessary if you prefer to cook your own meal. 


When it comes to moving to an apartment, the bedroom is the most important thing since you will spend a lot of time to recharge your energy here. If your apartment already provides you bed frame and mattress, that would be a good thing since you don’t have to purchase for another one. Closet storage is also necessary to hang all of your clothes. If you’d like it, you can also grab a reading lamp and decorative pillows to make yourself more comfortable. 

Bathroom Essentials

Towels are the most essential thing to prepare, and you probably need to prepare hooks if your apartment doesn’t provide it. Other things that you should prepare are toilet brush, toothbrush holder, bathmat, and toilet paper and its holder. The shower curtain is also necessary. You also need to prepare storage for all of your essential toiletries. Air freshening spray is also a good option to freshen your bathroom, or you can buy aromatic candles instead if you’d like it. 

Cleaning Supplies

Paper towels, trash bags, rags, and rubber gloves are the essential items that you need to have before moving to an apartment. If you’re doing your own laundry, make sure you have laundry detergent, stain remover or fabric softener as well as iron and ironing board. Broom is also important, or you can also use a vacuum cleaner. 


If you’re writing a lot, or your work involves a lot of papers then you’re probably going to need a filing system to save important paperwork. Other storage like laundry hamper is also important to separate dirty clothes from the clean one. Aside from that, you’re probably going to need wall hooks to hang your heavy coats or key.  


Another important thing that you should consider before moving into an apartment is the emergency needs, which contains various important things that you may need later on. This list includes emergency candles and matches or a flashlight just in case if there are power outages later on. You also need to have the first-aid kit such as band-aids and other medicines such as aspirin or ibuprofen for headaches or anti-inflammatory such as Advil. Aside from that, you probably need to have an umbrella since you’re going to need it at some point.

Moving to an apartment could be challenging, especially if the apartment is the room-only type. However, if you don’t want to have all the fuzz, Azalea Suites Cikarang is ready to provide you with fully furnished rooms that you can choose according to your budget and your preference!