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5 Benefits of Onsen Japanese Spa for your Body [Cikarang]



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Live in a healthy life will give us many advantages. Not only for our body but also for the activities we run routinely. Some people think that being healthy can be reached by consuming healthy food or do some workout. Meanwhile, there is a new way to keep your body healthy, namely Onsen. Onsen is a Japanese spa and bathing in warm temperature water that can bring many positive impacts to your body. Here are five benefits of Onsen, you should know.

  1. Body Relaxation

The first benefit you will get from Onsen is relaxing your body. In a specific temperature, water can give your body a good impact. Warm water can make your muscles relax, and it will be good for your rest at night. After running an exhausting daily routine, your body must be not in a good condition. You may do onsen spa or onsen bathing to keep your body up. The warm water from Onsen will help you to have a good sleep quality.

  1. Heal some Healthy Concerns

Not only for your body, but Onsen may also bring other advantages for your health. Dr. Yugo Agishi, a Japanese Health expert, says, put your body into an onsen will help you to heal some health problems, such as rheumatics and hypertension. The Japanese soldier had proven those benefits in the 8th century. The mineral in warm water can reduce some pain and illness in your body, such as neuralgia. Neuralgia is commonly known as one of the most painful conditions to the human body.

  1. Nourish the Skin

Another benefit that you may get from the onsen spa or bathing is to nourish your skin. Bathing in an onsen means that you will get a different pH from the water. The pH of onsen water can nourish your skin. Your body pores will be in good condition to release all dirt from your deep skin layer. It will help you to get brighter skin because the dust that makes you look dull is already gone. After bathing in an onsen, the skin pores will be back in the normal condition. 

  1. Relieve Stresses

Some experts agree that put your body into warm water can bring many positive impacts, one of them is relieving the stress. Stress is a condition when you are stuck in thoughts without knowing anything to do. You may take an onsen bath or spa to reduce your stress. Warm temperature water can help you to decrease the tetha, a body wave related to the mental conditions. Warm water in an onsen can bring some useful compounds that can make the pineal gland, part of the brain, produces melatonin. As a result, your stresses may be relieved. 

  1. Good for Blood Circulation

Your blood circulation may not be in good condition after running daily routines. By bathing in an onsen, your blood circulation will be back in the right condition. A stable warm temperature of the water will make the arteries carry the blood to all parts of the body. Good blood circulation can prevent you from any dangerous diseases, such as a cardiac artery disease, peripheral artery disease, heart attack, and Raynaud’s disease (a situation in which the body feels cold and numb in particular circumstances).

Create your Comfortable Onsen

After knowing all those benefits from bathing in an onsen, you are highly recommended to start onsen-ing. Nowadays, Onsen is gaining more attention in Indonesia, especially from those taking care of their healths. You may make your Onsen in your house. In Azalea Suites, you can use the Onsen to keep your health up. Azalea Suites has an exclusive Onsen available for Serviced Apartment. Click here for further information about Azalea Suites.