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You Must Know These 6 Regulations before Living in an Apartment


You Must Know These 6 Regulations before Living in an Apartment

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Unlike staying in a house, staying in the apartment means you have to share the same building with other residents. Here are some apartment rules that you need to be aware of before living in an apartment. By obeying all of these rules, you will make yourself as well as others to stay safely and comfortably. 

Find out When Will it be Ready

The first apartment rules that you need to know before moving out to your soon-to-be apartment, you have to make sure when the apartment will be ready. Make sure your leasing documents and the payment are already settled. You also need to ask where you can find the key, but you don’t need to worry since some apartment has their own lobby and guard which will provide you the key and all the information needed. 

Avoid Doing Custom Decorating

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you can decorate the apartment freely. If you’re going to paint the walls or put on some wallpapers, keep in mind that you have to restore the apartment to its original condition or pay the restoration. Therefore, the next apartment rule is to avoid doing custom decorating since it will only give you difficulties later on. 

Respect Neighbors Privacy

Another important apartment rule is by respecting your neighbors’ privacy. Don’t be nosy and keep it down when you’re blasting music, playing video games, or watching television and make sure it will not bother your next-door neighbors, especially after 10 p.m. Therefore, if you feel like you’re bothered by the loud noises coming from your neighbor, you can directly ask them to quiet down. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can report them to the apartment provider.   

Careful When Disposing Garbage

Throwing out the garbage is another thing that you should be aware of upon living in an apartment. Put the garbage into the trash bin where it supposed to be and be careful when disposing of it. If the trash bin located quite far or located downstairs, you need to make sure that your garbage has been tightly wrapped so that it won’t make the floors dirty. 

Don’t Store Dangerous Chemicals

When you live in the apartment, another apartment rules that you need to be aware of is to not storing dangerous chemicals or fluid, especially in the apartment locker. You don’t know what might happen in the future. If you do need to keep some alcohol or other chemicals, make sure you put it in a safe place. There’s no point in storing dangerous chemicals if it’s going to put a risk on your own and other neighbors’ life. 

Before Hanging Anything on the Walls…

When you live in a place, you may want it to feel familiar at some point and would like to hang photos or art on the walls. However, you have to consult this with the apartment managers beforehand. Usually, apartment rules will allow you to hang anything on the walls as long as it won’t crack or damage the walls, but you need to consult it first to avoid unnecessary expenses for damage later on. 

Those are the apartment rules that you need to know before living in an apartment. If you’re looking for a well-furnished apartment with complete facilities and strategic location, be sure to drop by Azalea Suites Cikarang’s website for the detailed information!