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Some Tips on Choosing an Apartment If You Have a Household Assistant


Living in the midst of a big city leaves us with so many things here and there. Things like getting jammed while going back home surely turn your mood upside down sometimes. Apparently, staying in an apartment might be one of the ways to reduce the fatigue.

Living in an apartment surely comes with many considerations. In addition to being practical and uncomplicated, you can save some expenses, like furniture cost, among others. However, there are also some who apply a house-style life in an apartment.

Having a housemaid is one of these habits in the house living. To assist some domestic works, sometimes we do need to ask someone else to help. Yes, you can do this when you live in an apartment, and there are things to consider when you’re deciding it.

Choose a Big-sized Unit

As we all know, there are several types of apartments, ranging from small studio, junior, up to the largest with many rooms. If you want to bring a housemaid, it’s recommended to choose one with 2 or 3 bedrooms. Giving our assistant a private bedroom to make them feel comfortable is also an important thing to do.

Make Sure There’s a Bedroom

If you can only get a small-size apartment, make sure it has a bedroom, even if it’s only one. With this kind of situation, you can use the living room as the resting place for your home assistant. You can buy a folding bed so he/she can sleep comfortably.

…Or, Make One

Well, if you live in an apartment without a dedicated bedroom, you can do a little hack here: Use a partition. You can use it for making a little space for their bed-above all else, they should be able to rest in it comfortably. However, usually, people with small-sized apartment do not really need an assistant.

Many married couples choose to hire a household assistant even if they live in an apartment. Their service is usually needed for cleaning the room or helping some kitchen things. If you plan to stay in an apartment and bring a household assistant with you, just come to Azalea Apartment Cikarang and select the suitable unit for you.


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