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6 Tips to Find the Best Family-Friendly Apartment Today


6 Tips to Find the Best Family-Friendly Apartment Today

Living in an apartment with your family can be a good choice if you live in a big, crowded city. Here are some tips that you need to consider before finding the best family-friendly apartment so that you and your family can live comfortably. 

#1 Safety

The most important thing to be considered upon choosing an apartment for a family is the safety provided by the apartment provider. Make sure you choose the one with 24 hours front office, guards, and CCTV for extra safety. You can also consider the type of doors used by the provider. An automatic smart card is most likely to be safer rather than the regular one. 

Crime Rate Nearby

You can also do a little research about the crime rate of your soon-to-be family apartment. Frankly, the area with relatively high crime rates usually cost cheaper than the low ones, so make sure you have done some research first. Don’t risk your family safety just for cheaper rent, it’s better for you to pay a bit more for guaranteed security.  

#2 Noises of the Surroundings

If your soon-to-be family apartment located near the main road, you have to pay attention to the noises during rush hour. Aside from that, you can do a little walkthrough around the nearby area to make sure there are no annoying noises that can make you and your family uncomfortable. If your apartment allows the people to bring pets, make sure the room that you have chosen are relatively calm without dogs barking all the time. 

#3 Transportation

Before choosing the best family apartment, you have to know about transportation to go anywhere, especially if you have to go to a specific place or office every day. If you have a car with you, make sure your apartment located near the toll road or easy access to the city road. However, if you’re going by public transportation either city bus or city train, make sure your apartment located near the transit station. 

#4 Attractions and Playground Nearby

Before choosing a family apartment, make sure your soon-to-be apartment located near the playground and attractions such as City Park, green spaces for jogging or biking. Living in an apartment can get you and your kids feel bored, and whether you like it or not, spending time outside is the perfect way for quality time with your loved ones beneath the warm sunlight. In that way, you can also feel healthier and happier than ever. 

#5 Pets

If you’re a family with pets, you can consider the apartment that allows bringing pets. However, make sure the family apartment located near the pets’ amenities such as grooming, pet shop, pet sitting services, and open spaces to take your pets jogging. You should also consider the apartment room size to occupy both your family and pets comfortably. 

#6 Laundry and Other Facilities

Facilities are one of the most important things to consider before choosing a family apartment. If your family apartment has its own swimming pools, that’s pretty cool since you can spend a lot of time there during weekends with your family without having to go out. You should also consider other facilities such as laundry facilities and Wi-fi so that you don’t have to go outside for simply doing laundry or looking for a stable Wi-fi connection. 

Those are some tips that you can apply to find the best family-friendly apartment for you and your family. If you’re looking for the one with complete facilities and strategic location, Azalea Suites Cikarang is the perfect place for you!



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